Providenciales Dialysis

Improving care on the Island and creating ease within the community.

When Stan Hartling learned that someone was flying to Grand Turk several times a week to get life-saving dialysis, he knew immediately that he had to help provide this essential service on Providenciales.

The Hartling Group views itself as part of the community and strives to improve the quality of life for its residents. In this case, the need was critical, and its benefits, immediate.

Kidney dialysis uses a machine to eliminate the toxic waste build up in the blood of a person whose kidneys do not function properly. The waste removal treatment can be used temporarily for patients recovering from transplant, or on an ongoing basis for patients with poorly functioning kidneys. Two needles, one to capture the blood from the body, and the other to return the detoxified blood back to the body, are inserted into the patient. The process takes about 3 hours during which time the dialysis machine filters the blood and removes excess fluid buildup.

An Investment in Our Community

Patients on dialysis are forced to schedule their days based on treatment, and the additional travel costs and time to receive treatment compound the impact of the disease, and add further stress to both the patient and their family.

"I felt that the investment for one of the first machines would have a major immediate impact on the day to day lives of several people living on the island," says Stan of his decision to purchase the first dialysis machine for the residents of Providenciales. "It had to be done."

The Hartling Group recognizes that as a prominent business entity on the islands, it has a responsibility to the community. The Company considers itself a partner in the community and works to make a positive difference where possible.